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Bloomberg spent 102 million to win 3rd term

NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent $102,000,000 of his own money to win a
third term mayoral term which pays $195,000 per year.

-- NY Times CityRoom

Mike Bloomberg made his money. He did not wrest it from banks, the poor, first time home owners, or Uncle Sam. He did not game the system and send the bill to the American people, a la Goldman Sachs. The man is honest, self-made, charitable, amusing and decent. He came to Salomon Brothers & Hutzler in June 1966 - where I hired him. He was humble, funny, a decent guy - just trying his best in a nutty place. He was not all that able at trading and selling. So, the heavies sent him to the back office - where he learned what to do to make his Bloomberg News the world's leading source of financial data. This man reaches out to serve his fellow man - as journalists pan him for spending his own money to get his message across. Horatio Alger was an American hero. The Crash, our Depression, produced Mike's work ethic. His father died young. He has supported many, including his mother. It's time we honored those who are legitimately successful and dealt with the other kind - and stopped confusing the two. Mike Bloomberg is an American hero, he should be the example. Envy - jealousy - contempt - end it! It's all over. By far the best man won... and any intelligent person - even at The New York Times - knows this. Mayor Daley's vote machine, this is not. Mike is not Karzai. Mike won, and the people of NYC won with him. We are most fortunate when men like Mike try. More should do the same. We should thank them when they do - and respect their right to do so. Our nation was built for men of means to serve. The constitution set the senate and presidency accordingly. Our founding fathers respected ability and men of means. It is time we did so again. When the self-made rise, we rise with them. Mike is not a Kennedy. He is not a legacy brat. His liberalism is not party drive. Respect him. He is a good soul. http://sblewis.com

-- Sandy Lewis


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